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about joy


I did my very first Aerial Yoga class in San Francisco in 2008 when it first came out. I loved it from the first. In 2011 I rediscovered Aerial Yoga when I was visiting family in the US. By then this new form of Yoga was really beginning to take off in America and England and other parts of the world.


Moving to Wellington I knew Aerial Yoga had not yet taken flight in New Zealand and because I enjoyed it so much I wanted to introduce and teach it in the city and bring something new to the landscape. I have been doing and teaching yoga for years, beginning with my training in 2006 with Sivananda teaching Hatha yoga. Since then my teaching has developed into more dynamic styles like Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.


With Aerial Yoga I found my calling. A yoga practice that was fun, different, creative, always beautiful and full of grace.


Why walk when you can fly?